We are an amazing team of driven and dynamic people who came together to solve a growing crisis in South Africa. The grid cannot produce enough electricity and load shedding is halting the economy and prices are increasing at an alarming rate. Individually we could all recognise the need for reliable energy solutions, but it was in coming together and combining our resources, expertise and experience, that Switch was born.

People need to carry on with life and at Switch we want businesses to stay open despite load shedding. We want families to have the lights on while watching rugby. We want to see normal people, generating their own electricity and getting an actual return on their investment. We want to equip businesses to keep their doors open and homes to remain safe and secure against opportunistic criminals. Why simply survive, when you can thrive with your own energy generating solar system.

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We are based in the Garden Route and currently offer our services, products and installations across the Western Cape. We specialise in residential systems as well as business and agricultural solutions.

Donovan Sheppard

Customer Service

Henry du Plooy

Client Service & Sales

Judd Smook

Operations Manager

Sammy Sheppard


Henry du Plooy

Admin Maestro

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