Solar 5.4/5/10

Premium Solar Panels, Inverter, Batteries and installation generating up to 20 units + 8 units backup energy per day

R223,050.00 incl. VAT

* Final price depending on location and/or any additional extras you may require.

Generate and enjoy your own reliable electricity with a premium Hybrid Solar System (Solar + Battery + Eskom) capable of producing approximately 20 kW/day based on 4 hours of "peak sun hours". No more stressing about loadshedding with another 8kW of backup energy, to keep you going during the evenings and those rainy days. Price includes installation by our team of expert installers and COC by an electrician. Subject to final site survey and location.

Product Specifications

  • 12x 455Wp PV Solar PV Panels (5.4kWp) 
  • Victron Multiplus II 5kVA Inverter/Charger Supplier product warranty of 5 years. Service life of 15+ years.
  •  Freedom Won 10/8 Lithium (LifePO4) Battery that offer 8 kWh of backup per day/night at 80% DOD . Supplier product warranty 10 years (at 80% DOD). Service life of 16+ years

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