Residential Glentana

With this installation we had the opportunity to visit the tranquil town of Glentana in the Garden Route again. We equipped this residential home with 10 x roof-mounted 400Wp PV Solar Module, 1 x Sunsynk Sun 8K Hybrid Inverter (5 yr warranty) – already SSEG approved, 2 x 5kWh FreedomWon Lithium Ion Phosphate (LifePO4) E-tower Batteries (stackable up to 5 x 5kW). The stackable batteries allow for more freedom should the client decide to expand the system. And that is exactly what our client decided. So, we equipped our client with 6 x PV Solar Module 450Wp + plus 1 x 5kWh Freedom E-tower 5 (stackable) LiFePO4. This means our client now has 16 PV panels, 3 x 5kW FreedomWon E-tower stackable batteries as well as the 8K Sunsynk Inverter. Basically, our client now has coverage with 8 panels on east array and 8 panels on west array.

Switch surely aims to please as our passion is to keep our clients smiling and full of energy during dark or load-shedding times.

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