Rheenendal Hybrid Solar System

The Switch Team was able to equip a beautiful family home in Rheenendal, in the Garden Route, with a Hybrid Solar System that will save the homeowner loads of load-shedding-stress and save them money for years to come by reducing expensive Eskom tariffs and costs.

We installed 12x roof-mounted PV panels that produce approximately 22kW (22 units) of electricity per day for this family to enjoy. The 5KVA Victron Multiplus II Inverter is the top of the range Inverter and has an incredible reputation that will outlast any other inverter on the market. And then there are FreedomWon 5/4kWh batteries, a solid lithium battery that will supply 4kW electricity during overcast weather, evenings and during the ever-annoying power outs. These guys are well on their way to a brighter future and they are set-up for phased expansion and ultimately achieving off-grid living.

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