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Solar Energy Solutions

Solar energy is generated through strategically placed PV (photovoltaic) solar panels which then converts the energy into usable electricity by an inverter. All extra energy is stored in a battery allowing for usage during the evenings or cloudy days.

Excess electricity needs are drawn from the Eskom grid. Hybrid is a great residential option as it can supplement household use and also offer back-up during load shedding, evenings and when the weather is not sunny.

Grid-tie Solar

A PV solar system that connects the solar panel installation directly to the main electricity grid is known as a grid-tied system. The generated power can be used for own consumption or fed back to the Eskom/municipal grid.

Hybrid Solar

A hybrid solar system combines the aforementioned grid-tied and off-grid systems: Which means that a generator is not necessary to top up the batteries during bad whether days. The grid could also assist with the solar production at the percentage value you specify.

Off Grid Solar

An off-grid solar power system is mostly for remote properties where the cost of connecting to the main grid is not available or not financially viable anymore. The solar system charges a battery bank which in turn is used to power a dwelling or implements. A generator should be used as a backup power source to the battery system when there are bad whether days restricting the solar radiation.

“I’d put my money on the sun and solar energy.
What a source of power! I hope we don’t have to
wait until oil and coal run out before we tackle that.”
Thomas Edison, 1931

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Thx to Switch team for swift and professional service. The sun now shines upon us. Your after-sale service also appreciated. Finger to Eskom.

Piet Venter
Residential Kleinbrak

Switch Energy were excellent. The quotes came through fast and Donovan was more than happy to provide multiple quotes to get the best options for our house. They were also very quick to get the stock to site and installed.

The installation team were the best contractors we have worked with in our new house. By far. They went out of their way to ensure the cabling etc was out of sight, their work and finished product was exceptionally neat and they cleaned everything at the end of each day.

The Victron system IMHO is worth the extra money and is working very well. It’s easy to fiddle with settings on your phone and has a lot of interesting graphs and information. We are tracking the performance to see whether we need extra panels etc in due course and will definitely get Switch Energy in to do any upgrades.

Well done guys. It was really refreshing working with you!

Murray Barnetson
Residential Franschhoek

Ek is baie dankbaar dat ek Switch geselekteer het om my backup stelsel te installeer. Vandat die installasie gedoen is, ongeveer 3 maande gelede, tot nou toe, was daar nog geen defek met die sisteem nie. Die stelsel bedien die hele huis, 600+ vk meter, en tydens die afgelope tyd se kragonderbrekeings Het die batterye nooit laer as 90% gesak nie. Almal wat die stelsel gesien het, is beïndruk met die netheid van die instellasie. Ek waardeer die professionaliteit van die Switch span!

I am very thankful that I selected Switch to install my backup system. From the time the installation was done, about 3 months ago, until now, there has been no defect with the system. The system serves the entire house, 600+ sq. meters, and during recent power outages the batteries never dropped below 90%. Everyone who saw the system was impressed with the neatness of the installation. I appreciate the professionalism of the Switch team!

Jurrie Wessles
Back-up System Bayview, Hartenbos

Thanks for the superb service from your team. They have worked like true professionals. Work is neat and site left neat and tidy. Highly recommend to any customer. Please send final invoice so I can make payment.

Duido Dingemans
Residential Franschhoek

Like so many other businesses, ours was hugely impacted by load shedding. Switch Energy did a complete assessment of our infrastructure and left no stone unturned in their effort to fully understand our unique requirements. They recommended an affordable solution and after acceptance immediately proceeded with the installation. Their work was completely unobtrusive, incredibly neat and finalized in no time. After completion we received comprehensive training on the installation and software. The installation provided a no-hassle, hands-free solution to our load shedding woes and has made the world of difference to our business. When I saw how efficient and affordable their solution was, I had no hesitation in appointing Switch Energy to install a similar system at our family home. Their installations made the world of difference at our workplace and at home. We can highly recommend Switch Energy to anyone considering doing business with them.

Abrie van der Berg
George Residential Home Owner

I truly appreciate the professionalism shown by the entire team. I appreciated the attention to detail and answering my endless questions and numerous quotes. Their quality and workmanship was outstanding and most importantly, they were warm and friendly to deal with. Thanks Team Switch

Rheenendal Home Owner

The guys from Switch Solar are quick and efficient. They were always willing to give me advice and cater for my specific needs. I appreciate the after service, the pride they take in their work and their professionalism.

Nic Slabbert
5kW off-grid review (Wellington)

Die Sonkrag Sisteem wat Switch vir my opgesit het op my plaas, is skitterend gedoen. Dit werk soos ‘n bom en ek is uiteindelik ontslae van Eskom betalings! Ek het 3 fase krag gehad en wil net vir enige een wat belangstel om Solar op te sit of “off-Grid” te gaan, aanbeveel om van Switch gebruik te maak. Die span is profesioneel, hulle weet wat hulle doen en as hulle die ding aansit, dan werk hy en jy’t nie probleme nie. Ek sal vir Switch hoogs aanbeveel.

Michael Hills
Glentana George

Questions you need to ask before getting Solar

We only work with trained and experienced installers and each solar plan is designed and checked by an Electrical Engineer and a COC qualified Electrician.

How Solar Works

Solar energy is a renewable source of energy, in other words, it is clean with no carbon emissions, and it is freely available to anyone. This source of energy is indefinite and unrestricted which makes it a very lucrative and reliable source of energy.

Solar energy is radiated directly from the sun in the form of light and heat. The light spectrum is harvested by Photovoltaic cells and the heat is absorbed by thermal collectors commonly used for warm water applications like geysers and pool heating etc.

The photovoltaic cells convert sunlight into usable low voltage DC electricity. The PV panels are stringed together and conducts the electricity. This DC power then needs to be converted to usable AC electricity through an DC/AC inverter.

The DC electricity that flows from the PV panels can also be stored into batteries. The stored energy can be used at night or when needed. The most efficient way to charge the batteries is through a DC/DC converter called a battery charge controller. This controller makes sure that the batteries get charged within its optimal parameters in order to preserve the battery life.

Once the energy is stored into the batteries it can be converted with the DC/AC inverter back to usable AC electricity. This AC power is normally connected to the Main DB which supplies the whole house through the existing installed cable network.

Make sure that a professional COC is issued by a qualified electrician after work has been done on the DB board.

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