Wellington Homestead

We had the privilege of equipping a Wellington family with an off-grid Solar System. Their dream home is complete and they can now generate their own electricity with their 12x roof-mounted PV panels (producing approximately 22kW of electricity per day), the 5KVA Victron Multiplus II Inverter and great energy storage with their FreedomWon 10/8kWh batteries, for overcast weather and evenings.

This family of 4 can easily manage with this system as they use gas ovens, heaters and Solar geysers. (Which are usually the heavy-electricity users) They have also opted for LED lights which use up to 25 times less energy than other bulbs.

The good news is, that if they choose to, they can easily upgrade this system by adding a second MPPT with 12x more panels for another 5.4kWp of solar production. If they would like to increase their power peak usage, they can just add another Inverter. For more storage, they just add another battery. The beauty of this system is that it can be expanded and because of the premium products used, their system has a service life of 15-25 years.

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